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16/09/2014 Microsoft Outlook [en] Microsoft Outlook әйтелеше 0 тавыш
16/09/2014 Food court [en] Food court әйтелеше 1 тавыш
05/06/2011 Jessie J [en] Jessie J әйтелеше 1 тавыш Иң яхшы әйтелеш
08/03/2011 technical [en] technical әйтелеше 0 тавыш
08/03/2011 wooden spoon [en] wooden spoon әйтелеше 1 тавыш
08/03/2011 disgrace [en] disgrace әйтелеше 0 тавыш
08/03/2011 crocodile tears [en] crocodile tears әйтелеше 1 тавыш
08/03/2011 spider orchid [en] spider orchid әйтелеше 1 тавыш
08/03/2011 saving grace [en] saving grace әйтелеше 1 тавыш Иң яхшы әйтелеш
08/03/2011 university [en] university әйтелеше 6 тавыш
08/03/2011 Bill Clinton [en] Bill Clinton әйтелеше 0 тавыш
08/03/2011 grangerize [en] grangerize әйтелеше 0 тавыш
08/03/2011 Starbucks [en] Starbucks әйтелеше 3 тавыш Иң яхшы әйтелеш
08/03/2011 David Seidler [en] David Seidler әйтелеше 0 тавыш

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I am an East Coaster transplanted to Seattle 15 years ago. I grew up in Maryland (Washington, D.C. area). As a child I spent time with relatives in New England and Delaware. One parent was from upstate New York; the other lived in various places but spent many childhood years in New England, especially Maine. Higher education in Vermont and Connecticut.

Җенесе: хатын-кыз

Акцент/ил: АКШ

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