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Дата Сүз Тыңларга Тавышлар саны
19/02/2015 nous montons [fr] nous montons әйтелеше 0 тавыш
19/02/2015 posons [fr] posons әйтелеше 0 тавыш
19/02/2015 le hêtre [fr] le hêtre әйтелеше 0 тавыш
19/02/2015 vous partirez [fr] vous partirez әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 devras [fr] devras әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 ils aimeront [fr] ils aimeront әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 devront [fr] devront әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 habiterai [fr] habiterai әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 il habitera [fr] il habitera әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 ils partiront [fr] ils partiront әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 promenaient [fr] promenaient әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 promeniez [fr] promeniez әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 vous habiterez [fr] vous habiterez әйтелеше 1 тавыш
19/02/2015 décrocheurs d'école [fr] décrocheurs d'école әйтелеше 0 тавыш
19/02/2015 il y en a [fr] il y en a әйтелеше 1 тавыш
18/02/2015 Café Nouvelle-Athènes [fr] Café Nouvelle-Athènes әйтелеше 0 тавыш
18/02/2015 Toux coqueluchoïde [fr] Toux coqueluchoïde әйтелеше 0 тавыш
14/02/2015 damner [fr] damner әйтелеше 1 тавыш
09/02/2015 Tétanos [fr] Tétanos әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 essuie-glaces [fr] essuie-glaces әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 le resto-U [fr] le resto-U әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 piscicole [fr] piscicole әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 cheville de violon [fr] cheville de violon әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 touche [fr] touche әйтелеше 1 тавыш
09/02/2015 mille-feuille [fr] mille-feuille әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 mille un [fr] mille un әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 corde de sol [fr] corde de sol әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 je tords [fr] je tords әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 un coup de fil [fr] un coup de fil әйтелеше 0 тавыш
09/02/2015 caillé de citron [fr] caillé de citron әйтелеше 0 тавыш

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Hi everybody,
I'm French and live near Paris.
I've always been interested in foreign languages, so I've been studying English, Spanish, Portuguese, but also some Chinese, Romanian, and a couple of words of some other languages too...
I think being open to other cultures and languages is a key element for world peace, as they're all part of our common wealth as humans on this planet.

If you wish to improve your French, just pay a visit at the website Bernard12 and myself share by just typing "Froggyspeak" on your browser search bar or have a look at our "Froggyspeak" Facebook page!

Җенесе: ир-ат

Акцент/ил: Франция

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