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Дата Сүз Тыңларга Тавышлар саны
09/04/2014 Delvoie [fr] Delvoie әйтелеше тавыш
07/04/2014 chez mon père [fr] chez mon père әйтелеше 1 тавыш
07/04/2014 un casse-croûte [fr] un casse-croûte әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Gault & Millau [fr] Gault & Millau әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Antonin Pinay [fr] Antonin Pinay әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Antiolope [fr] Antiolope әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Berchoux [fr] Berchoux әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Linarès [fr] Linarès әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Pléven [fr] Pléven әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Béthenot [fr] Béthenot әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 La Joix [fr] La Joix әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Delinarès [fr] Delinarès әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Malplate [fr] Malplate әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Porète [fr] Porète әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 de Cressonessart [fr] de Cressonessart әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Fillol [fr] Fillol әйтелеше тавыш
05/04/2014 Château Croix de Fillol [fr] Château Croix de Fillol әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 à vos marques ! [fr] à vos marques ! әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 en quart de finale [fr] en quart de finale әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 en quarts de finale aller [fr] en quarts de finale aller әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 en quarts de finale retour [fr] en quarts de finale retour әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 je planifie [fr] je planifie әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 nous planifions [fr] nous planifions әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 j'embauche [fr] j'embauche әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 petites et moyennes entreprises [fr] petites et moyennes entreprises әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 Héroux-Devtek [fr] Héroux-Devtek әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 Kristin Archick [fr] Kristin Archick әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 elles mangent [fr] elles mangent әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 encore à apprendre [fr] encore à apprendre әйтелеше тавыш
03/04/2014 Sabine Devieilhe [fr] Sabine Devieilhe әйтелеше тавыш

Кулланучы турында белешмә

Hi everybody,
I'm French and live near Paris.
I've always been interested in foreign languages, so I've been studying English, Spanish, Portuguese, but also some Chinese, Romanian, and a couple of words of some other languages too...
I think being open to other cultures and languages is a key element for world peace, as they're all part of our common wealth as humans on this planet.
If you wish to improve your French, just have a look at the web site Bernard12 and myself share or at the Froggyspeak Facebook page !

Җенесе: ир-ат

Акцент/ил: Франция


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