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Тасвирлама - Мәгънәдәш сүзләр
  • halcyon ның (нең) тасвирламасы

    • (Greek mythology) a woman who was turned into a kingfisher
    • a large kingfisher widely distributed in warmer parts of the Old World
    • a mythical bird said to breed at the time of the winter solstice in a nest floating on the sea and to have the power of calming the winds and waves
  • halcyon ның (нең) мәгънәдәше

    • serene әйтелеше serene [en]
    • calm әйтелеше calm [en]
    • pacific әйтелеше pacific [en]
    • gentle әйтелеше gentle [en]
    • simple әйтелеше simple [en]
    • agrarian әйтелеше agrarian [en]
    • tranquil әйтелеше tranquil [en]
    • idyllic әйтелеше idyllic [en]
    • quiet әйтелеше quiet [en]
    • pastoral әйтелеше pastoral [en]

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